Monday, 2 May 2011

Scrap booking for Dummies

This is going to be a post about how to begin scrap booking. I have been scrap booking for quite a while. I currently have 3 albums on the go. I have 2 for everyday life and 1 for my life as an Aburger. All 3 are almost all finished and when they are done I will share them with you. For now though, I will give you some starter steps to dive into the wonderful world or scrap booking.

 Getting supplies: There are litteraly hundreds of thousands of supplies for scrap-bookers. Paper, adhesive tape, stickers, stamps,scissors, stencils, glitter, just to name a few. There are a lot of places you can shop to find the right supplies you need. Some of the stores I shop at are Michaels, Papercraft, Walmart, Zellers. There are also huge scrap book gatherings called crops. These are where tons of people come to learn about new techniques, see other peoples work and talk to other people about what inspires them. It's kind of like a Star Trek convention for Scrap-bookers haha. For my Canadian followers here is a website that is helpful in finding stores near you, gives you some hints, and shows you where the next crop will be.

Once you find all of the stickers and glitter and borders and everything you need, you will need somewhere to put all of your supplies. I currently a using a chest I got from my aunt. It's not intended to be a supply holder but for now it works. They also make all sorts of storage containers, boxes, and desks.

I would love to have this, has room for everything and more!

Choosing your pictures!! Obviously the pictures you choose are important. These are what you are going to base your design around, and years later are going to be your memories. To chose your pictures :

--Make sure they are pictures which best explain the day that you are trying "document" as I call it. (eg. if it was a concert; make sure you have a picture of the band you saw).

--Make sure they go with the paper you will be using. (You don't want a bright, sunny, summer picnic to be put on Halloween paper).

--Make sure you have the right number of horizontal pictures and the right number of vertical pictures. (To make sure you have this, plan your page around the pictures you will be printing off, and when you are taking pictures make sure you take as many horizontal pictures as you do vertical).

Creating your page layout - This is going to be the way everything on the page works together. If the paper you are using has designs on it, you don't want to completely cover the page with pictures, however if the paper you are using is just a solid color, you have a bit more room to work with more pictures.

Using stickers, borders, embellishments and more.. These are going to make your pictures pop out of the page, make the page complete, and make it appealing to the eye. Would you rather look at a page with just pictures taped on it? or a page with a bunch of colors, stickers, and borders on it? To each is own, but to me the one with just the pictures on it, isn't going to really grab my attention. Boarders you can make out of your own paper, or you can buy packages of borders, they can go around your pictures, around the outside of the paper, or use your imagination and use them however you want.
This is one of my pages. I have a border used in the middle, and the stickers are raised.


Making your page look beautiful -  how your page turns out is all about how you feel everything works together. The amount of pictures you use, the type of paper, the kinds of stickers and accessories you use to make your page pop is all up to you. When I do my pages I am not doing them for anyone but myself. So I do what I think looks good, and things I want to document. Make sure you have fun and be creative doing this, it can be a stress reliever if you get in the right mind frame while doing it.

The last thing I will leave you with is-------TRY TO BUY THE CRICUIT!!
The Cricut is your personal cutting system that does not require a computer. It's cartridge-based system allows you to cut thousands of beautiful shapes, letters, and phrases in a variety of styles with just the touch of a button. For more information check this link out :

I don't have this wonderful invention yet, but it is definately on my wishlist!


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