Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Trying to blog again...

Ok so I haven't blogged pretty much all summer! To be honest, I just haven't felt like it. I have a journal that I write in every day, and since my blog really isn't about anything specific, I don't think its necessary for me to write in my journal and then write the same thing in my blog lols. Lots of things have happened this summer though. My mom and dad got back together after almost 10 years of being apart. I'm very very slowly getting used to it, it's a HUGE change. How am I supposed to handle this? No idea, so I am doing it the only way I know how, which may or may not be good. I am moving to London in 5 days!! I will be going to school at Fanshawe College, taking Child and Youth Worker. Am I nervous..heck yes!!! excited...heck yes!!! nervous...wait did I already say that! I am beyond nervous, but I know I just have to give it time and I will find my way around London, the college, as well as meet new people. I am most excited about meeting new people, wait no, doing the CYW program, wait no, living in res. ok, ok, ok I am sooo excited about everything! haha. I'm really hoping I find some version of Mr. Right when I move too lol. It's going to be hard leaving all my friends and family. But I really do need to get away, and get out on my own, and ultimately figure out who I am and what am I supposed to be doing in this crazy world. Anyways that's my blog for now It's boring, no pictures, I'm sorry. But I will blog more often...maybe..

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