Saturday, 9 April 2011

First blog...this page will become more interesting I swear

Ok so miss olivia set me up with my very own blogging page, thanks to her I can now vent to the world, not just my journal lols. This weekend has been pretty ok so far, I bought a Blackberry torch today and a new laptop. No I didn't win the lottery, just been saving for a laptop for a long time and decided it was time to get one. The phone was definately a random purchase though, just thought maybe it was time for me to enter the world of the Blackberry lol.

Tomorrow *or I guess today now since its almost 1am* Liv, my mom and I are going to London to look for aparments. Liv and I are moving in June *hopefully* so we can start a new life in London. Liv is going to school for fashion design I am going for Child and Youth Worker. We are both mega excited :) and both mega scared about this whole big change we are both going through, but atleast we have eachother. Jules will be there too and I know she will definately help us with moving and stuff like that.

I should probaby be getting to sleep soon since we are leaving at 830am but I have to pick my brother up from work at 4am, so if I fall asleep I might forget about him lols. Which normally wouldnt be such a huge probem cuz we never really get along but today he was helpful helping me pick out a new laptop.

I am however going to try to make this page more interesting so this ends the first blog of my page, I hope you find my life intersting cuz I sure don't lols

<3 <3 <3

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  1. I think you blog is intresting!! hope you blo more often, I will help you make it beautiful! :)