Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Friends who have made me who I am

This is going to be kind of a long post, but I'm going to thank the friends who have helped me become the person I am today.
I'm not going in any particular order!! I think I will go by who has txt me most recently lols

Felicia Parent:
Felicia and I met in grade 12 Family studies class. She was my first friend I had at my new school. Although she gave me her email address to add her on msn, and she gave me the wrong one. So when I tried to add her it didn't work. I thought she was kind of a bitch lols, but the next day she corrected her mistake and all was well :) I actaully dated her ex boyfriend, without knowing that it was her ex boyfriend. I was new to town and I didn't know everybodys dating history, not my fault! lols she seemed to be pretty kool with it non the less. Felicia never ceases to amaze me with some of the things she says. Such as, "Do turkeys come pre-stuffed?" "What's a T-rex?" and my favorite "How do we divide these cookies evenly?" *There was 12 cookies, and 3 of us* <3 I want to thank you Felicia for making this friendship a very interesting and loving friendship, that will last forever <3

Jules Collins:
Jules and I actually had Entrepaneurship class together, with our teacher who looked so much like Tony Danza lols. We didn't actually start talking until Felicia's birthday party. It was then that Jules and I found out eachothers love for Metallica and then friendship was a must at that point! Jules and I have been through lots, from me moving and not seeing eachother as much, to me getting a car to see her more, to her moving a bit closer, then moving 2 hours away! however I will be living close to her soon so we will be together again! Jules and I have air guitared in the back of a truck *to Metallica of course*, gone in search everywhere for a free kitten for me *which we did not find*, to just hanging out at her apartment. One of my fondest memories is when we ate ribs and watched a Leafs game. It was such an awsome night! lols. Thanks Jules for the randomness of the things we do, we will be together when I move again, you cannot escape me! <3

Olivia Antonucci:
When I first met Olivia, I thought she was going to be one of those preppy girls that annoy me to no end. This was not true at all with Liv!  We also met in grade 12 Family Studies class. Her and Felicia suprised me one day by bringing me a card right before I went to the hospital for surgery. It was then, I knew I had true friends in them. Olivia has changed me alot actually. I love shopping now, love dressing up, love shoes *I even wear high heels and love them, not saing I can walk well in them though* Her and I are on this crazy adventure right now trying to find out what it's like to live on our own. We are hoping to move in June to a city! We are both town girls, so that's a huge change on it's own. We are going to be going to school in Sept, and we are going to be trying to survive as poor students lols. We are both stressing out about it, and we both want to kill people sometimes, but things will work out, we are both so excited for our programs, and this huge change. Liv you and I will make it, I know it. And our friendship will make it through, atleast until our lease is up I hope..lmao jk <3

Chantelle Briggs:
Chantelle and I met while I was dating her brother. I even lived with them for a year. Chantelle and I didn't like eachother at all when we first met. The reason we became such good friends is because I was invited to stay the night at the house, but I wasn't allowed to sleep in same room as her brother at this time. I had to stay in Chantelle's room which neither one of us were happy about, but luckily her and I had been drinking pop before bed and were too hyper and sugar high to sleep, so we started talking. The moment I knew we would be awsome friends is when we were laughing so hard my lungs started hurting and I thought I had absorbed pop in them. After a while Chantelle asked me how my spounges were doing *referring to my lungs* and we almost died laughing. So thanks for pop and hyperness that's how our friendship started. We have been through an awful lot of good and bad through out the years, but mostly good. We don'tt hang out as much as we used to, but we will always have the awsome memories and there will be more to come. Thanks for everything Chantelle <3

Taylor Roelens:
Taylor and I met at Wendys *we worked together* however neither one of use remembers the first time we worked together or the first thing we said to eachother. We just were always working together and it just seemed like it was always that way. I don't even really remember the first time we hung out, not that it wasn't unforgettable im sure, but we are just so in sync we just feel like we have been in eachothers lives forever! Taylor and I are really similar, we like most of the same things *except we have different taste in boys most of the time lol* When we talk to eachother even if the words don't make sense that we say the other one knows exactly what it means, even if the person saying it doesn't know. We go to the movies alot, and dinner alot. We don't go downtown alot together mostly because she loves dancing and I don't like dancing so much, so that cuts out on our hang out time. I am so proud of her for stepping up as manager where we worked together, so proud of her for getting accepted to school and mostly proud to call her my friend. <3 Thanks Taylor for understanding me even when I don't <3

 Melissa and James Chepurnaty:
I'm putting these two together because I can't picture knowing one without knowing the other. I kinda feel like we have just always known eachother, well since I lived in Aburg anyways, but the first time I remember meeting Melissa I was upset because one of my ex boyfriends cheated on me. She tried to comfort me by giving me a random snow globe, and it worked lols. Olivia introduced us, which I am so thankful for :) I remember being in the grocerystore with James once and me making a noise that sounded like a dying dolphin to him. I wish I could say we spent more time together but they moved to Montreal not long after we met. But I went there a couple years ago to visit and it was so much fun. and I'm always so excited when they come down here, although the last few times it's just been Melissa, which is still awsome! Thanks for being there for me guys <3 <3

Shanna Lavigne:
Shanne and I met at Wendys, she was my manger. Her and I first started talking because I told her I liked a bag she had, I can't remember which one it was now though lol. But that was the first thing I said to her. She is the most crazy, outgoing, strongest person I think I know. She is always on the go, works like crazy and still makes time for her friends. She says what she wants when she wants. Which is my kind of attitude so her and I get along great, not to mention she can be serious when need be and crazy when it's called for. She always has awsome advice and I am so lucky I have her in my life. I am so proud that I am able to call her one of my best friends <3


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  1. aw this is so cute! your blog is looking good my friend :) and yes we will make it!!! we will be the richest poor students!! LOL. <3