Sunday, 10 April 2011

~!Stressing out!~

So on our venture to London today we saw some good apts and some bad apts. The one we both absoutly love is a bit over budget, like $19 over to be exact. However its huge and beautiful and im in total love with it. The landlord needs us to purchase renters insurance as part of our lease though, which will be an extra expense ontop of everything else we are trying to budget. It's the closest to the school we saw so we could save on gas that way and put that savings towards the extra rent cost, or we could win the lottery? I think that will be the way we will go. Can't we fastforward a couple of months so I know what is going on? We can come back to now, I just wanna peak into the future. That's supposed to be the exciting part though right? the not knowing? well the not knowing is making my hair fall out! So if anybody has a time machine, I just wanna use it for like an hour, I can't pay anything to use it though because, well read this...

I am supposed to be getting 40 hours a week at my new job, but of course I am not. I'm just a temp so when they need to cut hours of course they send us new people home first. It totally sucks because im still keeping up with bills which is good, but I'm not able to save anything! I cancelled my gym membership, which saves me $40 a month, but I just got my new blackberry so the phone bill is going to be almost twice as much as my other phone bill. So the $40 I would be saving from cancelling the gym is going to go to my phone bill. It was probably not a necessity that I get a blackberry right this second, but everyone is allowed to make a purchase every once in a while they don't need, just want.

I start days tomorrow morning, it's 630-250. Not horrible hours once I wake up! So with that said I am off to bed because in order for me to get to work on time I have to leave no later than 540..yes AM...and everyone who knows me knows I'm a horrible morning person lol

Anyways, I shall talk to all of you wonderful followers later *which im pretty sure is just Olivia right now lols*

<3 <3 <3

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  1. LOL, our posts... they are relativly the same, but I'm glad I have someone to go through all of these changes with. love you. xoxox